Introduction by Bernard Noël.

This book provides an overview of Alain Le Foll’s overlapping trajectories, introducing or re-introducing readers to an accessible yet secretive artist who is an emblematic figure in illustration today.

Whether it’s for an ad campaign, a magazine page, or a product promotion, Alain Le Foll’s illustration and press-design work stands out because of how it distances itself from a conventional approach in order to offer a surprising, and thus exceptionally effective, version. Over the years, he has come to concentrate on the essential, on a stylized analysis of the shapes that have always haunted him – the earth and its cliffs; the sea and its rocks; flowers, which he magnifies: exuberant nature – giving rise to a singular world, without age or scale, a world of fusion, in which the animal, mineral and vegetable intermingle.

  • Collection : Poche illustrateur
  • Publication Date : 02/06/2012
  • 12,5 x 19 cm, Broché, 144 pages
  • Price : 13,00 EUR
  • ean : 9782851072641

About the artist

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