Edition created by Michel Christolhomme.

From the first image de Nicéphore Niépce to the work of Josef Koudelka and Sarah Moon, from anonymous snapshots to police-station mug shots, from Marey’s chronophotography to Kertész’s still lifes, from William Klein’s painted contact sheets to Joël-Peter Witkin’s convulsive blacks… this book offers an introduction to both the greatest and the most modest figures in the history of photography.


Almost all of the texts that Robert Delpire was called upon to write over the course of his career have been gathered together in this volume. Ranging from the theoretical – musings about photography as an art form – to the personal, particularly when it comes to his relations with the artists he met and encouraged, his texts constitute a precious eyewitness account of the art of photography, offering a relevant and thoughtful view of the work of some of the most important artists of our times.

  • Collection : Hors collection
  • Publication Date : 08/06/2017
  • 16,5 x 20 cm, Broché avec rabats, 240 pages
  • Price : 34,00 EUR
  • ean : 9791095821113

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