Introduction by Laurent Chalumeau.

What is most striking in the work of Guy Peellaert (1934- 2008) is the profusion – of ideas, figures and situations: an avalanche of faces, more-or-less undressed bodies and saturated colors. His lush works creates a chronicle of several decades spent amongst key figures in jazz, rock, show-biz, films and international politics. Every celebrity, from Groucho Marx to Winston Churchill, Amin Dada to Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso to Jim Morrison, is portrayed with a keen knack for both psychology and stunning effect.

This work provides a comprehensive panorama of the work – often drawing on multiple media (photography, photo-montage and painting) – of this unclassifiable, pluri-disciplinary artist.

  • Collection : Poche illustrateur
  • Publication Date : 11/06/2009
  • 12,5 x 19 cm, Broché, 144 pages
  • Price : 13,00 EUR
  • ean : 9782851072443

About the artist

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