Text by Hélène Bost-Hourticq, Emmanuel Hirsch.
Introduction by Jacques Chirac.

Many disabled people suffer from handicaps that require them to be institutionalized and prevent them from being full-fledged members of society, i.e. working and living autonomously. Doctor Hélène Bost-Hourticq has been defending these 'meek' people, who are too often overlooked, if not deliberately forgotten, for decades. This book, which was her idea, is intended as a response to real concerns about integration. It portrays the reality of disabled people’s lives through Jean-Louis Courtinat’s beautiful and moving photos.

  • Collection : Hors collection
  • Publication Date : 29/03/2006
  • 21 x 22,5 cm, Relié (cousu), 144 pages
  • Price : 22,00 EUR
  • ean : 9782851072252

About the artist

French photographer Jean-Louis Courtinat was born in 1954. Deeply committed to socially conscious photography, he (...)

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