Edition created by Michel Christolhomme.

A Giant’s Memoirs pays tribute to one of the greatest men in the history of photography: Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, known as Nadar. This very complete book sheds light on the atypical career of the French journalist, caricaturist and photographer. Readers are ushered into the intellectual, artistic and cultural life of 19th-century France through the 150 photographs, caricatures and illustrations that accompany the texts written by this jack-of-all-trades who had such an extraordinary life. Above and beyond its historic value, the book also highlights the photographer’s relationship to his art and underscores the importance of technique in photographic creation.

  • Collection : Des images et des mots
  • Publication Date : 11/03/2015
  • 16,5 x 20 cm, Broché, 255 pages
  • Price : 28,00 EUR
  • ean : 9782851072726

About the artist

Félix Nadar was born in Paris in 1820. He became famous, most notably, for his gallery of portraits of key (...)

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